Download Alexa App

How can you Download Alexa App for MAC, IOS, Android and Windows?


Alexa App is one of the best method to link smart home and companions to Amazon Echo Dot Setup, remote control enhanced features. The Alexa App helps to access and control echo device on mobiles. It is simple to connect with closest friends when using same Alexa app on their mobile phones.


  • Now get Alexa app on your device.
  • An amazon Alexa app is also available on several platforms.
  • Get Alexa app for windows.
  • Alexa app for Mac.
  • Alexa app for Android.
  • Alexa app for IOS.


Today we are going to tell you the widespread process to download and install Alexa app on the device.


  • Install and Download Alexa app on Windows.
  • Tap to go for Download link and get app on Windows PC or Laptop.
  • Click to download file and follow on-screen instructions.
  • Install the app and login to the Amazon account.
  • Tap to connect Alexa app with an echo device.
  • Start using Amazon Alexa App.
  • Install and Download Alexa App Mac.

This is complete guide defined below to setup Amazon Alexa App MAC: -


  1. Tap to download link and get Amazon Alexa app on Mac device.
  2. Install Alexa app on MAC and open downloaded file.
  3. Follow step-step instructions shown on screen.
  4. When installation is finished just log in back to Amazon account.
  5. As you are connected with Amazon account just pair with Alexa app.
  6. Congratulations! You have installed Amazon Alexa App on Mac.


How to Download and install Alexa App for IOS?


  1. Just start using Amazon Alexa App on Mac.
  2. Install and Download Alexa App IOS.
  3. Go through instructions below for excellent setup guide of Alexa App.
  4. If you want to setup Alexa App IOS one can also download Amazon Alexa App for IOS.
  5. You can download through this
  6. Open and install the Amazon Alexa App.
  7. Click on install button and get the device ready on your device.
  8. When installation is done just open the app.
  9. Tap to enter required details for direct login to Amazon account.
  10. Once login is done to your Amazon account connect your echo device with Alexa App.
  11. Install and download Alexa app on android.


Just follow step-step instructions for the Setup of Alexa App on Android

  1. Firstly, Setup Alexa App on Android and Download Alexa app on your Android Device.
  2. Once the App gets downloaded, tap to click and install on-screen steps.
  3. Just complete the installation of Download Alexa App on your Android device.
  4. When installation is done be ready to setup Amazon Alexa App Android Device.
  5. Tap to open the app and input Amazon account details for login.
  6. You have successfully logged in with Amazon account.
  7. Just start pairing you Echo device with Alexa app that lets your control and access smart home devices.


How to Download and Install Alexa App on Chromebook?


  1. When installation is done just be ready to setup Amazon Alexa App on Android Device.
  2. Tap to open the App and input Amazon account details.
  3. You have successfully logged in to your Amazon account.
  4. Start-up pairing your Echo device with Alexa App.
  5. Just Download and install Alexa App on Chromebook.


How to Install Alexa App on Kindle and Download Alexa App?

  1. Now get Amazon Alexa App directly for your Kindle Fire Tablet. supports you to read e-books, control Echo Devices from Kindle devices.
  • Tap to open the App store on your Kindle.
  • Search it on Amazon Alexa App.
  • Click to install it and wait for the download to get completed.
  • Open the app and run setup process.
  • Welcome! Now enjoy Alexa App for your Kindle Device.